In Romeo and Juliet, explain the deterioration of Juliet's relationship with her parents.

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We first meet Juliet as her mother (and the Nurse) are discussing the possibility of Juliet's marrying Paris. At that time, Juliet seems respectful and obediant. It is clear that she does not feel and desire to marry Paris, yet she does not discount the possibility. She merely states "It is an honor I dream not of." Likewise, Lord Capulet refuses to accept Paris's offer without Juliet's willingness. He states that she is still young, that Paris should wait two more years and try to win Juliet's affections. Once Juliet meets Romeo, everything changes. She states that she is willing to die for him and for their love as soon as she learns he is a Montague. She defies her parents by refusing to marry Paris when she is instructed to after Tybalt is killed. Her father and mother change as well, going from affectionate (if distant) parents to having her father say that she can "die, beg, starve in the street" if she does not obey his instruction to marry Paris.

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