Please summarize "The Son's Veto" by Thomas Hardy.

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sophy's upbringing has a lot to do with her sadness in the midst of this story.  Growing up in a rural village in England isn't exactly an upper class existence, so Sophy marries into a better station.  She marries an older man, a preacher named Reverend Twycott.  Because of this marriage between classes, the two become outcasts.  In fact, even after marrying into a higher class, Sophy is still underestimated.  Even her husband himself denies her any inheritance after his death!  Sophy's husband clearly held the same opinions of those she escaped in her youth!  Left with only a tiny home to live in, Sophy is forced to view her husbands possessions entrusted to others and her son embark upon an education in which she had no say.  Obviously, Sophy's husband didn't have much confidence in her.  Unfortunately, it's "like father, like son" with Sophy's son, Randolph, constantly correcting her (even expressing his displeasure when Sophy desires to marry again, ... into a lower class by reuniting with her old friend Sam) and obviously feeling superior to his mom.  Sophy, then is an outcast both by her husband AND eventually by her son, neither of whom would allow her true happiness.  It is this sadness that speeds her to her grave.  Poor Sophy!  (And what a commentary on social class prejudice in 19th century England!)