The sum of two numbers is . The smaller number is less than the larger number. What are the numbers

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Question is incomplete. you have not mentiond sum of two umbers is how much ? and also not given : by how much the smaller number is less than the bigger number 

If we assume the sum of two numbers be x and thee smaller number is less than the larger number by 'y'. 

Solution :

Let the smaller number be 'a' then the larger number = x - a

 a + y = x - a  [given that smaller number < larger number by 'y']

=> a + a = x - y

=> 2a = (x - y)

a=(x-y)/2 and , larger number(x-a)= x-(x-y)/2=(2x-x+y)/2=(x+y)/2  

Hence the numbers are (x - y)/2  and (x + y)/2  <-- Answer 


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