The sum of two numbers is 32. One number is 4 more than the other number. What are the two numbers?

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brettd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Math questions almost always give you all the information you need to solve them, so don't get psyched out by the format of the question.  In this case, read the question and record the numbers as you go in order to figure out the correct answer, for example:

Take the number 32 and subtract 4. (One number is supposed to be four greater than the other) You are left with 28.  Divide it by two and you have 14 + 14.  Now add the original 4 back to one of those numbers and you have.... 18 + 14.

malkaam | Student

In order to find out What are the two numbers if The sum of two numbers is 32. One number is 4 more than the other number. We form and equation by considering the two numbers as a and b:


Where, a is 4 more than b, therefore, a=b+4,

Therefore,  we get the equation:







One number is 14, to find the other we use the equation we formed previously i.e. the other number, which we considered as "a" is equal to:


therefore, a=14+4


Which means thee two numbers are 18 and 14. 


neela | Student

Since one number is more  than the other and the numbers total is 32, we take out the diffrence from 32 and then remaining 28 divide into two equals. You get 14 and 14. The taken out four is added to one of the 14. So you get, 14 and 14+4=18:


Sum of the two numbers =32.

The diffrence of the two numbers = 4.

Sum of the numbers - difference of the numbers = 32 - 4 = 28

Makinkin etwo equal parts of  28 = 28/2 = 14 each or 14 and 14.

Add the 4 to one of the equal parts: 14+14 =18

So, 14 and 18 are the numbers with diffrence, 18-14 =  4 and the sum 14+18 =32.