p=n(12-n) The question has few parts, mentioned below. A) in which form is this quadratic function expressed? Justify your answer. B) find the zeros or x-intercepts of this function. C) write the function in standard form. D) find the coordinates of vertex, does the vertex have a max. Or min. Value?

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`p(n)= n(12-n)`

A) The function is expressed in the factored form. In factored form the quadratic function written as a product of two terms as follows:

f(x)= (x-x1)(x-x2) such that x1 and x2 are the roots.

In n(12-n) = (n-0)(12-n) ==> Then the roots are 0 and 12.

`B)==> n(12-n)= 0 `

`==> n= 0 and n= 12`

C) To find the vertex, we will rewrite the function in the standard form `ax^2 + bx + c.`

`p(n)= n(12-n)= -n^2 +12n`

`==> a = -1, b= 12, and c = 0`

`D). V(v_x, v_y)`

`v_x = -b/(2a) = -12/-2 = 6`

`v_y= -(b^2-4ac)/4a = -(144)/-4 = 36`

`==> V(-6, 36)`

The factor of n^2 is negative ( a<0 ), then the function has a maximum point at the vertex.




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