Sulfur is a yellow solid at room temperature. Does this phrase include physical or chemical properties of sulfur?

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Within the phrase “sulfur is a yellow solid at room temperature”, there are two properties stated. The first is the color yellow. The second refers to the state of matter displayed by sulfur at room temperature. Neither property implies that sulfur is changing its composition. Therefore, both properties are physical properties.

In order to answer this question correctly, the definitions of “physical properties” and “chemical properties” need to be understood. Each definition is provided below. Additionally, examples of physical and chemical properties are listed.  

Physical properties do not change the chemical nature of a substance. Examples of physical properties are color, freezing point, melting point, magnetism, viscosity, malleability, hardness, and density.

Chemical properties are exhibited as one substance changes into another. Therefore, chemical properties refer to a change that can occur to the chemical nature of a substance. Examples of chemical properties are heat of combustion, toxicity, radioactivity, flammability, and reactivity.  

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