What are some causes of poverty?

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There are so many causes of poverty that I will have to be selective. Here are some causes.

First, wealth begets more wealth. So, if a person does not begin life with a certain amount of wealth and power, then it will be hard for a person to change his or her lot. Moreover, people with wealth and power would not want to impoverish themselves. So, there is a built in cycle in the world. The ones with wealth get richer.

Second, for many poor people, there is a lack of good choices in terms of education. And even if there are opportunities to go to college, many of the great colleges are not open to them. Furthermore, there is little know how to use the best opportunities in society.

Third, in this economic climate, jobs are hard to come by for all people. Hence, the land of opporunity is not really a land of opportunity, at least for now. In this situation, it is hard for those is poverty to get themselves out of it.

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