Suicidal (In)tendencies?How serious are Hamlet's thoughts of suicide?  Does he truly consider it an option?

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I agree...he goes back and forth so often it's hard to determine if he's truly serious or just continuing to play act.  Of course, he does consider suicide in the play when no one else is around...he knows he is would he be acting "crazy" here? 

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I don't know, I've always struggled with this one. Sometimes I read it and I think he's serious, but he doesn't have the stomach to carry it out. Sometimes I read it and I feel like he's just throwing it out there because he's overwhelmed with his situation, but he isn't serious about it because he couldn't handle leaving Denmark in the state that it's in with Claudius on his father's throne in vain. I can't wait to hear what everyone else thinks- perhaps I can make up my mind once and for all. :)