Suggest two ways that digital signals could be made to carry more information.

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One method would be a method known as quantization, which involves taking lots of values and rounding them up or down. This would allow the assignment of lots of small packets of information, or data, to be assigned into the same area, increasing the amount of information the signal carries. Another technique would be to send multiple signals down the wire. The neat thing about digital signals is that they don't interfere with each other, so multiple signals may be sent down a wire with minimal information loss. This is not the case with analog signals, where information is lost through signal interference. Analog signals are notorious for competing with each other for signal dominance. A good comparison would be the recent shift cable television companies recently executed when they switched from analog signals to digital signals. Customers having older television sets had to have a converter box to convert the signal back to a form the older TV set could use. Modern televisions process digital signals with relative ease, improving both picture quality and sound quality. The amount of channels available through the same cable setup has also increased, demonstrating more information is now available within the same parameter.

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