Suggest a topic for discussion on how society benefits from some businesses, while other businesses cause harm to society.

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Some of the benefits of businesses to the society include, employment opportunities, innovation, entrepreneurship, more choices for the consumers, better quality and cheaper products, etc. More businesses generate more employment and the employed people have more purchasing power (as compared to unemployed people). This ensures flow of money in the economy and more business is generated. More businesses will also force innovation and better quality to win over customers. This ensures availability of better quality and cheaper products. Society, as a whole, benefits from businesses. 

Then there are businesses that may be harmful to the society, either directly or indirectly. For example, mining is very useful for production of valuable minerals, metals, etc. On the other hand, if not carried out properly, mining can also cause damage to our environment. Similarly, tobacco industry generates a lot of business and pays taxes, but the products may have adverse health effects on the consumers. Something similar can be said about the companies dealing in firearms. 

Hope this helps. 

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