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How would being members of a single trade union help the staff at Smith's restaurant chain? Oliver Smith is a famous chef who runs several restaurants in London. Smith employs many cooks and other staff in his restaurants. These employees work long hours and are not well paid. Smith does not encourage his staff to become members of a trade union, although several of them do belong to different unions.

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There would be several advantages to the staff if they were to unionize. First, they would be likely to receive higher wages and better benefits. Compensation standards would be clearer and more explicit.

They would be protected from arbitrary dismissal. Given how unstable jobs in the restaurant industry can be, this would provide a safety net against seasonal fluctuations and allow full-time permanent workers to have job stability and do long term financial planning

Collective bargaining would allow them to improve their working conditions without fear of reprisals or dismissal, because the union could negotiate on their behalf to maximize worker safety and other issues concerning working conditions.

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