Suggest some group-wise codes (mnemonics) for the periodic table and methods to memorize it..

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pacorz eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a lot of mnemonics and suggestions as to how to memorize various parts of  the periodic table, including the family names. I am assuming from your question that you are actually trying to memorize the element names and/or symbols in order. You have two options for memory aids in this effort. You can learn the elements in the form of a song; this would work well for you if your strong suit is auditory memory. Do you remember the lyrics to songs easily? if so, check out the youtube link below for song ideas. This will work best if you choose a song you know to tune to well.

If music is not your thing, and your memory is more visually oriented, go to the second link, which will take you to an entire page of sentences that will help your remember each element by family.