Suggest a logical explanation of this conclusion based on your understanding of interaction between genes and the environment. Cheetahs are large wild cats native to africa and the middle east. Their natural populations have been declining steadily. Gemetic analysis indicates that surviving cheetahs have almost indentical genetic makeups. This lack of variation has lead may scientisrs to conclude that the species is essentially extinct. That is, numbers are not expected to recover and restore wild popilations to their former levels.

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When an individual possesses traits that enable it to adapt and survive in an environment, natural selection occurs. This means that those individuals may survive and pass down heritable traits when they reproduce. Living things are constantly interacting with their environment. Perhaps all the surviving cheetahs have traits that enable them to live in the environment they find themselves in today. It has also been found that cheetahs may have gone through a period of inbreeding and many individuals were killed or prevented from reproducing, during the last ice age. This caused reduced genetic variation and if the environment cheetahs live in should ever change significantly, because of the reduced amount of alleles, they may go extinct due to the fact that new selective pressures may be too great for their limited genotype to adapt to.

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