Suggest a few ideas that can be conducted for a observable quantitative report  that can be found anywhere in our surroundings

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psyproffie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

When you are working on a quantitative report you are working on a report that you can prove or disprove your hypothesis based off of data and statistical analysis.

To form a hypothesis you must first form a question based off of something you have observed within your environment. For example you could ask "can I stop my dog from barking at the mail man through positive reinforcement of treats when he does not bark?"  You will then create a hypothesis "presenting treats to my dog when he does not bark at the mailman will result in him not barking at the mailman in 4 weeks."

You will then run the experiment looking at the DV (barking) and the IV (treats) recording when giving treats for not barking resulted in no barking at the mailman for 4 weeks and analyse the data to see if there was a statistically significant effect.