The success of any organization depends upon how good the management of the organization is. Elaborate.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many points which have to converge in order for success to be evident.  Leadership and management would be an essential part to this equation.  It is not the sole determinant for success, it is a critical component of it.  The guidance and structure that leadership and management give to an organization can help it establish success in a variety of ways. Initially, it can help guide through the difficult times that would help to derail success by offering resources, assistance, and support to its workers.  It can also create a realm where employees can become autonomous enough to possess an active stake in the organization's success which can develop proactive ways of examining problems and conditions.  Finally, management models that encourage autonomy and self control can assist in establishing success as problem solving is seen as a collaborative venture, as opposed to something which arises from top down and seen as artificial.

krishna-agrawala | Student

Effective management of any enterprise or activity requires efficient and effective use of all the available resources for the achievement of desired objectives. The resources used include men, machines, material and money. Out of these most important resource is men, which is in turn also affect in a big way how effectively other resources are used jointly. Thus the success of any establishment or enterprise depends heavily on management of its human resources.

The human resources in turn form the organization structure of the enterprise. Therefore, management of the organization constitutes the means through which the human resources are put to work. As a result effective management of organization leads to effective utilization of human resources of the enterprise, which in turn plays a major role in success of the complete enterprise.