What do we know of the biography of Christopher Marlowe?

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Christopher Marlowe was born in Canterbury, England to John Marlowe, a shoemaker, and his wife Catherine, probably a few days before he was baptized on 26 February 1564. He attended The King’s School in Canterbury, where he probably had a standard education focused on studying the Latin language, reading Latin literature, acquiring the rudiments of numeracy, history, and geography, and some ancient Greek. Following his secondary schooling, he obtained a scholarship to Corpus Christi College of Cambridge University from which he obtained a BA in 1584 and an MA in 1587. After that, he worked for the government in some capacity. Although there is speculation that he may have been a spy, there is no firm evidence for his activities during this period. On 18 May 1593, there was a warrant given out for Marlowe’s arrest; he was questioned by the Privy Council on 20 May. It is thought he was then stabbed to death on 30 May 1593 by Ingram Frizer in Deptford, England.


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