What are the advantages of using library books? Talk about book workers in the library.

Wiggin42 | Student

Library books are, for the most part, free of cost to the members. This evens out the playing field and gives access to those who may not be able to afford books. It also lets people read books before buying them and introduces them to books they may not have found on their own. 

gsenviro | Student

In today's digital world, library books still have an important place as a repository of information. For someone who does not have a computer and internet connection or cannot afford to buy books, library books offer the same service for FREE (public library). Not all the books are available online and even those that are available may not be free to use/download. Library books are available to anyone for free and they come in a wide range, from academic, skill building, hobby-based and for children. Depending on your taste and needs, library books can provide you with the relevant information. Many people use library books for skill development. Additionally, you can get a wide variety of books from the library for free. For book lovers, library is heaven.

The book worker in the library may be a paid worker or a volunteer (especially in a public library). They arrange the books, catalog them, help in their maintenance and also the maintenance of the library. Many of them help the people in finding books of interest and may also lead reading sessions and other library activities.