Subject: Doubt Book: Adventure in missing the point by McLaren & Compolo. Should write about something in the reading that intrigued, challenge or inspire you and a question the reading raised for you or something that need clarification.

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Adventures in Missing the Point: How the Culture-Controlled Church Neutered the Gospel is a nonfiction book by co-authors Brian D. McLaren and Tony Campolo.

The two authors share their own personal viewpoints regarding various topics within contemporary Christianity. Some of the topics discussed are homosexuality, Christianity within the postmodern era, salvation, interpreting the Bible, among others.

Based on each author's respective viewpoint, it is evident that Tony Campolo is the more philosophically and socially conservative of the two. Brian D. McLaren tends to offer a progressive viewpoint regarding each topic they discuss.

The format of the book or style of interaction between the co-authors is that McLaren would write an essay on a contemporary issue regarding Christianity, and Campolo would offer a rebuttal. Campolo's writing style is similar to the talks he gives on stage: insightful and at times humorous.

The section on homosexuality intrigued me. In particular, I was surprised by how much attitudes towards homosexuality have changed within the Christian community. The book was published in 2006, and it made wonder what Campolo's thoughts would be regarding homosexuality now, more than a decade after the publication.

McLaren's viewpoint on homosexuality and his argument that Christians should exercise more tolerance was not surprising. McLaren seemed to be the more progressive or "liberal" of the two authors. Campolo's current thoughts on the subject—as well as the other topics discussed in the book—would be more compelling to read or hear.

A question that comes to mind would be: Would the current liberal attitude towards homosexuality in the present-day change Campolo's original thoughts on homosexuality?

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