Compare weak and strong study skills.

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Skill 1: Reading comprehension. Strong –  majority of vocabulary, main arguments, can paraphrase accurately. Weak – does not understand vocabulary or ideas of material read.

Skill 2: Memorization: Strong – remembers essential material accurately. Weak – does not remember material studied and cannot build on earlier work due to not remembering it.

Skill 3: Focus: Strong – prioritizes important tasks and assignments. Weak – focusses on trivia and does not devote adequate time to important matters.

Skill 4: Punctuality: Strong – gets to class and hands in work on time. Weak – fails to do so.

Skill 5: Time management: Strong – Plans adequate time to complete assignments and study. Weak – does school work at last minute or not at all.

Skill 6: Note taking: Strong – takes notes in class which cover essential material in coherent way and can be used for studying. Weak – either tries to take verbatim notes without thinking or does superficial notes.

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