Is the study of Shakespeare in schools today relevant?

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literaturenerd eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The study of Shakespeare in schools is very relevant. The importance of Shakespeare is stated in no better way than the one provided by Ben Jonson, "He was not of an age, but for all time!"

The themes depicted in many of Shakespeare's plays are still relevant today. The themes of good and evil, appearance and reality, fate, friendship and greed.

Not only are the themes relevant, the behavior of the characters in the plays are also relevant. Given that the characters in the plays deal with manipulation, morality, selfishness, love, and fear, readers of his plays can easily relate to works which were written centuries after they were written.

Therefore, regardless of how long ago the plays were written, they still can influence, impact, and make readers think.

kinyuagreg | Student

Also I think students will identify with various characters in the plays of Shakespeare as well aspire to be great writters like Shakespeare and other great writters of his time. Lets encourage reading LShakespeare in our schools.

kinyuagreg | Student

Shakespearean Literature should be taught in our schools not only for academic purposes but also for the urge of inspiring the students to be creative thinkers and moreso, for them to appreciate the literature and practices of other societies especially now that the world has become a global village.

However care should be taken in selecting only the relevant texts and proper editting one for easier understanding since most of texts are in old English.

For entertainment and dramatization techniques students will love works of Shakespeare if role play and other practical approaches arer used by teachers to make the learning process enjoyable.

nataranjan | Student

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