Me Talk Pretty One Day Questions and Answers
by David Sedaris

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Study Guide Project: Me Talk Pretty One Day by David Sedaris (Chapter Summaries, Themes, Characters, Analysis)

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Summary of Me Talk Pretty One Day, by David Sedaris

Summary of Go Carolina

Sedaris begins the essay by discussing a trope, common to TV cop-dramas, in which a special agent knocks on the door of the guilty party and calmly says to come with them. They are given a choice between the easy way, and the hard way, In such scenarios, Sedaris imagines, the guilty party feigns innocence and questions what reason the agent could have for the visit, but in reality they know full well why the agent has come for them. He speculates further that the guilty person does not feel any true relief from finally being found out, since a life spent in hiding is better than one spent imprisoned, and he therefore sees the reasons for choosing the hard way, rather than the easy.

Sedaris then begins a narrative related to this idea. He describes an event from his childhood when an “agent” came into his fifth grade geography class, presumably to bust him for some kind of wrongdoing. The “agent” walks in to the...

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