Study and analysis of myths,fairy tales,fables,and mainly proverbs integrated in novel Things Fall Apart    

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"Things Fall Apart" is a study in African myth and fables set about to teach and develop a behavioral model that Okonkwo's tribe believes will not only keep them at peace with each other but keep their place in Africa.  The author Chinua Achebe grew up in Nigeria where the tradition of oral storytelling was passed down from generation to generation, in an effort to keep alive African tradition and religious belief.  Many of these myths and fables draw themselves from the earth and the sky and nature, which the African culture believes to be a central part of what it means to be human.  To have a relationship with the earth and the humans that were made from it, is to be African.  Achebe's use of oral storytelling is his way of not only explaining his Nigerian culture but also a way of explaining what the event of colonialism had done to his homeland and his people.  The myths and fables that Africans in each tribe believe helped them to survive what was happening to them as well as retain their culture in the face of almost being wiped out.  It is considered a rebellion for Africans to maintain their beliefs and their stories against Britain or European colonialism that considered them savages.

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