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How can it be argued that it is a good idea for students to launch businesses while still in college? Noting the growing trend among collegiate entrepreneurs launching businesses while still in school, one educator says,  “A student whose main activity on campus is running a business is missing the basic reason for being here, which is to get an education.”

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We can argue that it is good for students to become entrepreneurs while still in college because one of the main points of going to college is to prepare to be able to have good job in the “real world.”

Some educators will argue that the point of going to college is to gain a broad, liberal education.  Ideally, this may be so.  However, we can certainly argue that the more important reason for going to college is more pragmatic and economic than it is idealistic and philosophical.  With the amount of money that it costs to go to college these days, we can argue that students have to focus on getting good jobs after college.

Starting a business while in college can be a big help in being able to make a lot of money after college.  It can teach students skills they need in the real world and which cannot really be learned in classrooms.

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