stucki'm stuck in evaluation of the expression 1/xy(x+y+z)+1/yz(x+y+z)+1/zx(x+y+z)

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terryhi eNotes educator| Certified Educator


The least common denominator is xyz(x+y+z)

Since this is not a full equation- it does not have "=" sign-, we cannot multiply least common denominator. But, we can combine the phrase using the least common denominator.


Notice if you eliminate the bracket, the value of the equation has not changed.

giorgiana1976 | Student

Since the fractions don't have a common denominator, we'll have to find LCD:

LCD = xyz(x+y+z)

We'll multiply by LCD each fraction:


We'll simplify and we'll get:

z + x + y

After the evaluation of the expression, we've get the result:

1/xy(x+y+z)+1/yz(x+y+z)+1/zx(x+y+z) = x + y + z

alone- | Student

Sorry i got  mixed up on the first part.


alone- | Student