Explain the struggle between order and chaos in Lord of the Flies. 

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Arguably, there really isn’t much struggle between order and chaos in Lord of the Flies. It’s more a slide from order to chaos, descending down Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs (1954). If the peak of human needs is Self-Actualization–the effort to fully realize the individual’s potential—then the children are not really at the top of that hierarchy. They start more at the next level–Esteem–where they are initially, at least, attempting to hold on to the trappings of civilization: voting, following a leader, sharing tasks, and so on. They rapidly slide through the Belonging and Love and Safety and Security stages, as the group polarizes into two “camps,” culminating with the deaths of Simon and Piggy. Barely able to hold on to the most Basic Physical Needs, Jack’s group is on the verge of killing Ralph , when they are accidentally rescued as a result of the jungle fire Jack’s group set to flush out Ralph, rather than as a result of the beacon fire they were supposed to be...

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