What can you infer about the structure of government and society in Ancient Egypt?

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thanatassa eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Ancient Egyptian social and political structures were both hierarchical and theocratic. The structure of human society was an integral part of a cosmos in which the divine and human were integrated into a single system. As well as there being a hierarchy of divine and human, there was a male-female hierarchy as well, with women subordinated to men. Although the society was matrilinear, it was not matriarchal, with husbands having the role of overseer. 

The religious system was polytheistic, containing many gods, represented as both anthropmorphic and theriomorphic. The gods could represent ideas or abstractions as well as more concrete elements of the natural world. According to this text, the ancient Egyptians considered their social and political customs as divinely authorized and enforced. Thus we can infer a rigid and undemocratic system of governance.