What is the structure of an atom?full details

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Atom is the basic unit of matter which is composed of proton, electrons and neutrons. The proton is mostly responsible for the weight of the entire atom while electron accounts for its volume.

By designation subatomic particles are:

electron is the negative charge, mass:9.11×10−31 kg

proton is the positive charge, mass:1.6726×10−27 kg

neutron has no charge, mass:1.6929×10−27 kg


->number of proton acounts for the atomic number

->if an atom gains/share electron it will become an ion. cation:positively charged ion; anion: negatively charged ion

->mass number = protons + nuetrons

-> atoms of the same element have the same subatomic particles. But sometimes neutron may vary thus producing isotopes. 

Hope this helps.

enoterloveletter | Student

Atom is the basic unit of matter and cannot be created nor destroyed but its from could be changed. The forms are liquid, solid, and gas.

Atoms contain protons, neutrons, and electrons and these are called subatomic particles

Protons have a positive charge

Neutrons have no charge or neutral charge

Electrons have a negative charge

The protons and neutrons are together and from the nucleus of the atom and the electrons are in clouds orbiting the protons and neutrons and are in diifferent levels according to their levels of negative charge.


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