Strong essay structure and examples?Hello, my exam is coming up really soon and I've been struggling to sort a good essay outline. The thesis is "choices made by an individual can affect others"....

Strong essay structure and examples?

Hello, my exam is coming up really soon and I've been struggling to sort a good essay outline. The thesis is "choices made by an individual can affect others". My three texts to prove this statement is true are Twelfth Night, To Kill A Mockingbird, and My ISU book.

My example for To Kill a mockingbird is that bob ewell's decision of blaming the fault on Tom robinson affected the Finches and Tom Robinson himself.

I can't figure out a good one for Twelfth Night since it's more of a play. Any help or advice please?

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sensei918 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Twelfth Night is a play, but it is still a story. I response to your request for examples of one character's decision affecting others, you have several options. First of all, Viola's decision to dress as a boy and become a member of Orsino's court affected not only her, but also Orsino, in that he became attached to Viola in her role as Cesario. She also affected Olivia, in that Olivia actually fell in love with Viola, thinking that she was a he. This caused her to cease mourning for her brother and begin to take an interest in life again.

Toby and Maria, in their decision to trick Malvolio, affected Olivia, in that her steward became useless to her; in turn, that would affect the household. It also caused them to admit their love for each other, and ended in their marriage.

You could say, though, that Viola was the catalyst for everything. When she made her decision to become Cesario, she set a course for the action of the rest of the play.

As for your thesis, it is best to keep it simple, and then bring in each text as one of your main points. It gives the essay a nice structure, which will make it easier to write.

babemera | Student

I'm actually having trouble with that myself. Yur actually lucky that yur teacher told you what yur topic is... We find out day of our exam. :/


Anyhow, Viola decision to disguise herself and dress like a man affected others in many ways. It made Olivia think Viola is a he, and fell in love with her. It also affected The Duke Orsino, because he was suffering through self deception, and deception. :] hope that helps.

dokieex3 | Student

Also, I am struggling to start my introduction paragraph. Will I mention all three of these texts during the introduction paragraph or during my thesis? MUCH THANKS!

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