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John Galsworthy play "Strife" can be discussed as a social play as it depicts the prevailing conditions and social milieu between capitalist and labourers of the early twentieth century.

The play starts with an ongoing strike of the workers demanding for better wages to the board members of the tin factory and revolves around the harsh and severe situations faced by the families, especially, the wives and childrens of the proletariat classes due to the obdurate personalities of the two main protagonist, that is, John Anthony (the chairman of the board) and David Roberts (the head of the labor union), refusing any compromise where Mrs. Roberts, wife of David Roberts, falls a victim with her death due to coldness and hunger.

All this incidents relates to the actual life of reality where the poor and the ordinary citizens have to face the consequences of the shallow deeds and strives of authoritative powers by the social and communists leaders which is clearly a social dogma.

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