What quotes from "A Streetcar Named Desire" demonstrate that Stanley does not like Blanche or her character? 

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Stanley first starts to express suspicion over Blanche's character when he learns that Belle Rive has been "sold" but that Blanche has not shown Stella any papers to prove this--not even the deed of sale. Stanley believes that Blanche is swindling them, and he tears through the apartment, ripping open Blanche's trunks and pulling out her personal belongings, stating:

And what have we here? The treasure chest of a pirate... Pearls! Ropes of them! What is this sister of yours, a deep-sea diver who brings up sunken treasure? Or is she the champion safe-cracker of all time! Bracelets of solid gold, too! Where are your pearls and gold bracelets! ...And diamonds! A crown for an empress! 

Despite having spent very little time with her, Stanley believes Blanche to be a fraud and makes it clear with his condescending, sarcastic language and intrusive actions. The tension between the two only increases as the night wears on; Blanche seems to try to bait Stanley by insulting his intelligence and...

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