In "The Storyteller" by Saki, why does the aunt tell Cyril to look out the window?

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Cyril's aunt tells him to look out the window because she wants to distract him. As the story begins, the aunt is on a train ride with her nephew and nieces. The children are restless and bored, and the aunt is at her wit's end, wondering how she can entertain her charges adequately.

For his part, Cyril is so bored that he begins to beat against the cushions on the train seats. His actions have the effect of introducing clouds of dust into the closed atmosphere of the train. In order to distract him, the aunt begs Cyril to look out the window at the sheep.

When he looks out the window, however, Cyril wants to know why the sheep are being driven into another field. His aunt assures him that the sheep are being driven to an area where there's more grass. In response, Cyril answers that there's already plenty of grass in the field where the sheep are located. Weakly, his aunt counters with the excuse that the grass may be of a better quality in another field. She then tries to deflect Cyril's inquisitive questioning by pointing out the cows to him. However, Cyril is not to be placated. He demands to know why the grass in the other field is better.

Alas, for want of a better strategy, the aunt resorts to telling her young charges a deplorably boring story about a virtuous little girl of unimpeachable character.

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