In The Storyteller, by Saki, when the aunt says "You have undermined the effect of years of careful teaching." What does that mean?

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In order to answer this question one must understand H.H. Munro's (Saki's) writing style and purpose.

Saki is a late Victorian to Edwardian-era writer whose style is very much comparable with the styles of Oscar Wilde, PG Woodehouse, GB Shaw, and Evelyn Waugh.

This being said his stories are oftenled by an idle dandy or, like in this particular story, a bachelor. Saki, in tandem with the writings of Wilde, is also fond of epigrams and contradictions in his stories. Therefore, his writings will always end in a twist.

In the short story The Storyteller , an aunt and her two nieces and nephew travelled by carriage sharing the same cart with a bored bachelor who was not...

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