In the story, what quick action by Saknis helps Matt with his recovery?  

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In The Sign of the Beaver, Matt ignores his father's advice to stay away from the beehive after having lost his rifle and living off of only fish and berries. Of course, this idea backfires, as he is attacked by the bees and stung many times all over his body. In his attempt to escape the bees' attack, Matt runs into a pond and consequently gets his feet tangled in something in the water. He also feels pain from the stings and does not know how to swim.

In a blur, Saknis takes quick action by pulling Matt from the water and immediately removing the stingers from Matt's body. In fact, his action is so quick that Matt even mistakes Saknis for his father for a brief moment.

Saknis continues to take action to help Matt recover by bringing Matt back to his cabin, letting him sleep for a day, and feeding him some medication. Matt dislikes the taste, but at this point he has realized that Saknis is helping him and takes the medication anyway. The next day, Saknis feeds Matt cornbread and stew, helping him to recover not only from the bee stings but from his hunger and fatigue. This is the first of many ways that Saknis helps Matt to recover from his lack of skills and his dependence on others.

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In the story, Matt is stung by bees when he attempts to pry off a piece of honeycomb from a tree hole.

Sensing that their nest may be in danger, the angry bees attack Matt mercilessly. For his part, Matt suffers excruciating pain from the bee stings and tries to save himself by plunging into the pond. As he tries to swim further out into the pond, his legs become entangled in a clump of weeds. Unable to free himself and in a state of panic from lack of air, Matt sinks. It is only Saknis' quick action in fishing out Matt that saves the young boy's life.

After retrieving Matt from the water, Saknis lays Matt on the dry ground and gently plucks and discards the many bee stingers embedded in Matt's skin. It is Saknis who carries Matt to his cabin and puts him to bed. During intermittent periods, he also feeds Matt some bitter medicine which makes Matt feel better after awhile. So, it is Saknis' quick action of retrieving Matt from the water and then discarding the many bee stingers embedded in Matt's skin that helps with his recovery.

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