In the story,"We have always lived in the Castle" what are 3 adjectives to describe Constance?

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Constance is fearful, careful, and beautiful.  In some ways she is the only normal one in the family.

Constance is a very fearful person.  She never leaves the house.

Someone had to go to the library, and the grocery; Constance never went past her own garden, and Uncle Julian could not.

Merricat tells us a lot about her sister Constance.  She tells us that “Constance liked books about food” and cooks for everyone (Ch. 1).  Generally speaking, she is accepting of Merricat’s bizarre fantasies and behavior.  Constance seems to know that her sister is strange, and does not like going out into town because the townspeople ostracize them.  However, Constance is unable to leave the house at all.  She tries to help Merricat cope with the way the people in town treat them.

“It’s wrong to hate them,” Constance said, “it only weakens you,” but I hated them anyway, and wondered why it had been worth while creating them in the first place.

Merricat idolizes her sister.  She says that when she was little she used to think that she was a fairy princess.  We know that Constance is beautiful.

I used to try to draw her picture, with long golden hair and eyes as blue as the crayon could make them, and a bright pink spot on either cheek … and nothing had ever seemed to dim the brightness of her.

Constance is very careful and meticulous about everything.  Food is precious to Constance, and Merricat is not allowed to touch it.  In fact, she is not allowed to prepare food at all.    The family is haunted by the death of almost every other family member on a day when Merricat was not at the table, and didn’t eat the berries.  Constance didn’t put sugar on her berries, and survived.  Uncle Julian was poisoned but survived.  Constance was arrested and tried, but acquitted.

In the insular little world that Merricat and Constance inhabit, Constance is the rock.  She may be afraid to go outside, but she is in some ways the most normal person in that house.  

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