In the story Unwanted written by Rabindranath Tagore, what did Nilkanta do before he was shipwrecked?

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Rabindranath Tagore's "Unwanted" tells the story of Sharat, Kiran, and Nilkanta. Sharat and Kiran found Nilkanta after he was shipwrecked. The story of his life prior to the shipwreck is not told of outright. Yet, one could surmise a few things which were possible of Nilkanta's existence prior to the shipwreck. One thing readers are told is that he used to be in an acting troupe, yet no one knew what had happened to the others in the acting troupe as the result of the shipwreck. Nilkanta was the only survivor.

Nilkanta was often subjected to cuffs and boxes on the ears from Sharat, but used as he was from birth to even harsher methods of discipline he didn't feel either hurt or dishonoured.

Here, one could infer that Nilkanta had been abused. The fact that he did not react to being hit by Sharat states he was used to this type of punishment or discipline. He had been abused so much that it did not affect him any longer.

Nilkanta's age is unknown, yet the text describes him as being somewhere between 14 and 18. The question of his age is further examined in the following:

Whether from smoking tobacco, or from using language ill-suited to his years, his lips had an adult curl to them; but his eyes, with their large pupils, were simple and childish.

This speaks to the idea that Nilkanta has some knowledge about the world around him. He has lived a life which gives him the knowledge of an adult which does not match his childish looks.

The text also states that he lived a "yatra-life." This could mean a traveling life or a life of pilgrimage. While he does not seem to have a religious nature (pilgrimage), one could assume that since he was part of an acting troupe that he traveled a lot.

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