In the story "Twilight", is Jacob a werewolf?

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pmiranda2857 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Jacob is a werewolf for the entire series of books, but in book four, Breaking Dawn, we find out that he is really a shape-shifter, not a werewolf. 

He takes the form of a wolf every time he phases, but throughout the story he is referred to as a werewolf. 

zumba96 | Student

Yes he is a werewolf but he is more of a shapeshifter than a werewolf. This is beacause werewolves will transform no matter what under a full moon but with this Jacob and his pack can transform at any time

He is a shapeshifter originally but for the first couple books he is only a warewolf.

udonbutterfly | Student

Well technically Jacob is a shape shifter (as said in Breaking Dawn the 4 installment). Although the shape he shifts into is a werewolf he is not werewolf since (as said in the book) werewolves are created by a bite and can die by a silver bullet. Also werewolves can not reproduce however the Quileutes can. However Jacob and the rest of the clan were born the way they are whereas werewolves (by the books standards) can not be born but only made ust like vampires.

twilightluvver14 | Student

No. He Becomes A Werewolf In New Moon After Edward Leaves Bella And She Starts Spending All of Her Spare Time With Jacob. But No He Is NOT A Werewolf In Twilight. In Breaking Dawn, We Find Out He Is A Shape Shifter. 

iridawn | Student

The audience originally thinks he is a werewolf because he can turn into one, however he is more of a shapeshifter. He is a part of a clan and can be alpha however denies the role in order for another to fulfill it. He is also in love with Bella but then imprints on her daughter in the end of the books. 

princessita-2-day | Student

Yes he is a werewolf but we find out in the 2nd chapter which is New Moon.

princeicon | Student

no jacob is not a werewolf u may think he is but not really if u read breaking dawn ewdard clearly stated tht he is not a child of the moon is is actually a shapeshifter an if u go back to eclipse when jacob to bella to the campfire it was stated tht they were soul soldier allowing them to relase there soul from thrre body an into another..... an how the wolf got in the story was becuase the tribes lkeadr body got stolen from him by one of his own people an he found a wolf an got into his body but two souls couldnt stay in the same body so they fused... lol i hope u got tht all any more question just ask me

xxalannahxx | Student

In the second book Jacob becomes a werewolf. Through most of New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn he is a werewolf and we find out near the end of Breakin Dawn that he is actually a shape-shifter not a werewolf he could have taken the form of anything but he took the form of a werewolf.

little-alice | Student

Jacob Black, turns into a "Werewolf" in New Moon; the second enstalment to the Twilight Saga. In Twilight, Jacob is a tall, gawky, teenager that is Indian; he is in New Moon, he gets "The Stomache flu" (It's the cover for what is really going on with Jacob Black. He is secretly turning into a werewolf and Bella doesn't find out until halfway through the book. ***SPOILER ALERT!!!*** In Breaking Dawn however, the fourth and unfortunately the final installment of the Twilight Saga the last chapter reveals that Jacob Black isn't just a Werewolf, he is a Shapeshifter he could've shifted to anything, luck just had it that it was a Werewolf.

With Love and Care,

♥Little Alice!♥

kidssassy10 | Student

yes jacob is a werewolf until the last book BREAKING DAWN when they find out he really is a shapeshifter

spazzer23 | Student

He knows about it as storys, but it isnt intill the end we notice hes getting bigger and we think its just him going throgh hormones (yeah right)

jacob is not a werewolf in twilight. he becomes a werewolf in the second book(new moon) at the middle.

angelslittlegirl | Student

no he's not a werewolf in all 4 books

he becomes a werewolf in chapter 12 page 283- But due to an order given by Sam he cant tell Bella

futuremrscullen | Student

No he changes in to a were wolf in the middle of new moon

seaira | Student

NO! jacob black does not become a werewolf until the 2nd book "New moon".

degrassite101 | Student

He is a werewolf, but we don't find out until New Moon, when he actually does become a werewolf. It says that all of his friends are joining Sam Uley's 'clique' or his group, and that he is terrified of joining himself. That is the group of werewolves. Later in Breaking Dawn, Aro mentions, after someone says they are werewolves, that they are really shape-shifters. Their ancestors used to be able to change into a variety of animals, but in time it was made so it was only wolves.


mayara96 | Student

yea he is a werewolf edward just said they were shape-shifters to protect them from the voltry

elahe | Student

yes he is werewolf, and he knows that he's a werewolf. we don't see it in the book one, because it's a secret and he can't tell anybody. but in book two we see that Bella find out it by herself after Edward leaves her. also werewolves are a biggest enemy of Vampiers.

crissy14 | Student

Yes and no he didn't know that in Twilight.He finds out in New Moon.He thanks that the story's are legions and don't believe there for Not in till New Moon

tggirl | Student

however, the only reason that Jacob and the Pack turn 2 werewolfs(or shapeshifters) is because the vampires can back(the Cullens)

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