In the story "Toad's Mouth" what is the author arguing?

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In the short story "Toad's Mouth" by Isabel Allende a British couple control a business called Sheepbreeders LTD..  They are insensitive toward the land, culture, and the people of Chile.  Allende is arguing the effects of wealth vs the poverty of this region of South America.  The indigenous people of this area have been abused and held down since the Spanish invaded their country centuries ago.  Allende is trying to educate as well as entertain, as she does in all of her novels and stories.  The British couple represent the imperialist that come into a country and destroy it without thought for their own gain and with no consequences while the native people of the area are not unharmed.  The British couple while self absourbed in their wealth are contrasted with the poorer natives who demonstrate love, joy, and caring inspite of their situation.  This is the general argument of "Toads Mouth"

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