the story tiger in the tunnel is a treibute to the spirit of you agree?discuss with refrence to baldeo and tembu  no  

ravinderrana | Student

Absolutely true.

The story pays a rich tribute to the spirit and courage of villagers who live in such dangerous places yet carry on with their lives.

Baldeo, a khalasi in the railways, is a farmer by profession. Unable to feed his family with his meagre means he takes up the job at a wayside railway station.He spends the days working in the fields and the nights at the station where it is his duty to check whether the hand-worked signal is burning or not.

The area is replete with stories of jungle animals, including a man-eater tiger who is supposed to frequent the place. He is unafraid of the dangers of the cutting and the tunnel through which the mail train goes.

in fact, one night he has to boldly face the tiger who springs into the cutting. The tiger, more surefooted than a man , attacks the puny man who puts a brave front and injures the tiger before getting killed.

Three nights later his son Tembu is at the same place singing and doing the same duty. But he is as confident as his father because the tiger is killed and the axe of his father is still with him.