In the story "The Sniper," what is an example of onomatopoeia?

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Onomatopoeia is the formation of a word that imitates the sound to which it refers. Examples are cuckoo, meow, bang, and pow. In "The Sniper," O'Flaherty uses onomatopoeia in multiple places. He does this in order to give the reader a more detailed idea of the sights and sounds of a war zone. In the opening paragraph, the narrator notes that the guns "roared." The guns firing together and in the distance can have the sound of a roar. Just before engaging his enemy, the sniper takes a "whiff" from his cigarette. The sound of "whiff" is similar to the sound of inhaling a cigarette. 

The second time he is shot at, a bullet "whizzed" over his head. A bullet can make a sound similar to how the word "whizzed" sounds. After shooting his enemy, the sniper drops his rifle and it is said to have "clattered on the pavement." The word "clatter" has a sound similar to the noise a metallic object might make when it hits pavement. 


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