In the story, "The Sniper" what happens to the sniper after he shoots the man in the armoured car?  

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

After the sniper shoots the man in the armored car, he shoots the woman who indicated his position.   In order to get a good aim at the man in the armored car and the woman, the sniper had to expose himself to his enemy.  Consequently, he was shot in the arm. This endangered his life because he could no longer handle a rifle.  It was too heavy, and his arm was too weak.  He had to find a way to get his enemy within revolver range.   He knew that he could not wait until morning because,

“The enemy on the opposite roof covered his escape.” (pg 2)

He needed a plan in order to deceive his enemy.  He placed his cap on top of his rifle and held it over the parapet of the roof.  A bullet pierced the cap.  He held his hand lifelessly over the roof and dropped the rifle to the ground below.  His deception had worked.  The enemy thought that he was dead and stood up. 

“He was now standing in front of a row of chimney pots, looking across, with his head silhouetted against the western sky.” (Page 2)

This allowed the sniper to focus his aim on the enemy.  It still took an excellent shot to kill the man in the dim light with a revolver, but the sniper succeeded, and the man fell off the roof and landed on the ground below.

In checking out the identity of the enemy , the sniper realizes he has just killed his own brother. 

My copy of the story is from the internet, and the page numbers may not coincide with your version. They should be close.