The story of Shino: Mystical Spirit of the East, how does it compare with stories you know?

Expert Answers
Noelle Thompson eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Although it would have been helpful to be a bit more specific as to where you have found this story, my guess is that you are referring to “Shino: Mystical Spirit of the East” as part of the Kaminomi light novels. In this case, you would be referring to Shino Akuragawa who is a miko from the Toyoboshi Shrine at Mout Uryu.

Further, in order to do a comparison, let us review Shino’s story. Shino is beautiful and compassionate. She is also a bit stubborn, especially as she pursues the Ghost (Moegami ) who was “released” many years in the past and resists being found. When the Ghost was released, Shino was only six years old, but was severely traumatized. Shino believes strongly that evil spirits can affect humanity. This concerns Shino, and she further confirms her compassion for others by performing exorcisms for free. Shino is even able to hold the Ghost back in its most severe and destructive form.

In this eNotes Educator’s opinion, then, due to Shino’s faith and aptitude in exorcism, Shino can best be compared to Father Merrin in The Exorcist. Why is this? Both Shino and Father Merrin inadvertently “helped” set a demon free. This even traumatized them both so much that they both felt compelled (and guilty) enough to help those affected by the demon. Both Shino and Father Merrin both perform exorcism for free. Father Merrin is best known for freeing a little girl named Regan from a demon that almost took her life.

In conclusion, Shino can best be compared with the modern character of Father Merrin from The Exorcist. Although both Shino and Father Merrin are humans, they are so deeply connected to faith that they can affect the spirit world.