In Seedfolks what is Sae Young's contribution to the water problem?

mkcapen1 | Student

In the book Seedfolks  Sae Young has been locking herself away from people.  She is a Korean woman who came to America with her husband.  They never had children, and he died at only 37 years old.  Their business of dry cleaning is successful.  After her husband's death she runs the shop until she is robbed at gun point and kicked in the face after being thrown down onto the floor.

Sae Young has become afraid and distrusting of people but after she sees the people in the garden area, she begins to join them.  She plants some peppers and even talks to a man who asks her about them.

The people are looking for an easier way to get water for the plants.  A contest is held and the winning idea is to have garbage cans attached to the rain spouts.  However, she sees that it is still hard to get the water to pour into the water cans.

One day Sae Young places some of her funnels beside the cans for people to use.  She feels a great sense of pride when she sees a man using one.

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