In the story "A Rose for Emily" is not told in chronological order. List each section in chronological order and explain your choices.

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Because of William Faulkner's manipulation of time, his Gothic masterpiece,"A Rose for Emily," is an expansive, albeit compact story. It covers nearly three-quarters of a century. Framing all this time is death, Emily's father's and her own.

Section I--1894 - Colonel Sartoris remitted the taxes for the Griersons.

Section II --Father dies. three days later he is buried.

Section III--Emily is sick for a while. Homer Barron arrives.
                   The aunts arrive. Emily purchases a man's toilette set.

Section IV-- The aunts depart. Homer returns after a three-day                          absence

Section III--Emily buys poison.

Section IV--Emily is not seen much for six or seven years; she gives sporadic china painting lessons.

Section II-Emily vanquishes the tax collectors

Sections I and V-Emily dies.


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