In the story "A Rose of Emily" by Faulkner, compare Homer Barron to the character of Emily's father.

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The characters of Homer Barron and Emily Grierson's father are significantly different yet share a similar influence over Emily. Emily's father is depicted as a domineering, authoritative man, who prevented young suitors from courting his daughter. He is also a prestigious, southern gentleman as well as an intimidating figure throughout the town of Jefferson. Upon his death, Miss Emily initially refuses to acknowledge that he is dead and does not bury him for three days until the authorities force her hand. In contrast, Homer Barron is a northern laborer, who is a relatively affable person with no regard for southern traditions. He is depicted as an easy-going individual, who eventually courts Miss Emily but has no intentions of marrying her. Tragically, Miss Emily poisons Homer to prevent him from leaving her and proceeds to sleep beside his skeleton in her attic.

Despite the overt differences between the two characters, both Homer Barron and Emily's domineering father have a profound...

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