In the Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier, are the characters and the story reflective of the setting? And please tell how.

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In this novel there are at least two major characters, Maxim de Winter and Mrs Danvers, who are reflective of the setting of Manderley, the great ancestral home of the de Winters. Manderley is grand and stately but also appears overwhelming to the narrator-heroine and the shut-up west wing holds an air of mystery.

Similarly the narrator's husband Maxim and the servant Mrs Danvers also appear quite dark and mysterious, with a rather intimidating air about them. Mrs Danvers always scares the narrator, and even although she loves Maxim she is unsure of him too and is not able to penetrate his air of gloomy mystery until nearer the end of the book, when she finds out the truth about him and his first wife Rebecca. As for Rebecca herself, although she never appears in person,from all we are told of her she too was a formidable type.The final destruction of Manderley by fire could also be taken as symbolic of Rebecca's destructive passions.

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