In the story "The Problem" by Anton Chekhov, whose signature does Sasha forge?

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In the story, Sasha forges the signature of his uncle, the colonel in the false promissory note so as to receive a sum of fifteen hundred roubles. This act infuriates the colonel who is of the opinion that Sasha should bear the consequences of his actions and face the law. According to him, family honor should not be misunderstood or misused to derail the course of justice. Sasha’s other paternal uncle is more concerned about the family’s reputation if the story reaches the media and the family name is tarnished. He therefore suggests they settle the amount to avoid a public spectacle. Sasha’s maternal uncle, Ivan, on the other hand defends him from the onset and also suggests that the amount be paid on his behalf. Despite Ivan’s efforts that cause the reversal of a decision to leave him to his own devices, Sasha is unremorseful and even almost violently demands money from Ivan while threatening him with a repeat of the crime.

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