In the story "The Necklace," why does Madame Loisel choose the necklace rather than any of the other pieces of jewelry? 

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Mme. Loisel chooses the diamond necklace because it is the most impressive-looking and the most expensive-looking piece of jewelry in her friend's collection. This does not necessarily mean that Mme. Loisel wants to be taken for a wealthy woman. She does it because it is her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make the kind of impression she has always wanted to make. When her husband first shows her the invitation to the ball, he immediately starts thinking about her personal appearance. When the problem of a dress is solved, she starts thinking that she ought to have jewelry to go with the fashionable new dress. She wants to be noticed and admired. She is visualizing herself through the eyes of the other guests--the women as well as the men. She actually does make the sort of impression she hoped for, and it is the one triumphant moment in her life. No doubt the elaborate "diamond" necklace helps in making that impression.


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