In the story " The Necklace" by Maupassant can you give me several examples of unfairness? 

Expert Answers
kiwi eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The unfairness in the story would have to be that as perceived by Madame Loisel, as much of her circumstance and what happens to her the reader may see as perfectly just.

Firstly, when embarking on life’s journey, Madame Loisel had ‘neither dowry nor expectations’ so was unsuccessful in securing a husband who could support her in the manner to which she wished to become accustomed.

Madame Loisel mourned for material possessions and felt it unfair that she did not possess them.

 She had no pretty gowns, no jewels, nothing – ad yet she cared for nothing else

She also felt it unfair that a friend had married well and was so jealous that

 She spent whole days in tears of grief, despair, and misery.

 The greatest unfairness for Madame Loisel is that she is invited to a reception but has no jewels – she has to borrow some. When they are lost, she spends the next ten years living a very frugal life to pay off the jewel’s replacement: and all for no need.

Oh my poor, dear Mathilde! Why mine was only imitation.