The Story of My Life Questions and Answers
by Helen Keller

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In The Story of My Life, why is Latin so interesting to Helen?    

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Helen Keller is well-known for her ability to overcome the most adverse odds. She was left blind and deaf after an illness as a baby, and The Story of My Life gives Helen's account of how she overcame every obstacle in her efforts to become college-educated, independent and successful. The arrival of Annie Sullivan changes the lives of the Kellers, and Annie sets to work teaching Helen language so that she can overcome her frustrations and learn to communicate effectively. With Annie's help, Helen "learns from life itself" and uses every opportunity to expand her knowledge.

Helen is required to learn Latin grammar which, at first, she dislikes intensely and thinks is a complete waste of time. Fortunately, Mr. Irons helps her develop her love of Latin so that she no longer finds it "absurd" (chapter 16). After that, Helen delights in reading passages in Latin which she tries to understand and interpret, and from then onward, she always enjoys this activity. Helen develops a romantic notion of her study of Latin—"a language one is just becoming familiar with." Like everything else Helen does, she takes her study of Latin and transforms it into a positive experience.

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