In "The Story of My Life," what was the incident of "The Frost King?" What was the controversy?

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In chapter 14, Keller discusses a story called "The Frost King" that she sent to Mr. Anagnos of the Perkins Institute of the Blind. Her story resembled a story that she had probably heard and had unconsciously reproduced. After she sent it to Mr. Anagnos for his birthday, he published it in a report put out by his institution. 

After the story was published, it was discovered to bear a striking resemblance to another story called "The Frost Fairies" by Margaret T. Canby. Keller was accused of plagiarism, and Mr. Anagnos was bitterly disappointed in Keller. She was cross-examined by a panel of eight people. Later, it was shown that Keller had likely read "The Frost Fairies" when she was younger, as a copy of the story was found in the house of Sophia C. Hopkins at Brewster (where Keller had stayed). Keller had surely heard the story and unconsciously reproduced it in her story without remembering the source of the tale when it occurred to her. Years later, Mr. Anagnos said that he believed she was innocent at the time, but the incident drove a wedge between Keller and Mr. Anagnos as a result of this incident.  

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Helen Keller's "The Story of My Life" gives an account of many of Helen's experiences up to the age of twenty two. It includes the highlights, such as Helen's first word- W-A-T-E-R and Miss Sullivan's inspiring teaching methods which allow Helen to "learn from life itself," (chapter 7). It also includes some of the worst experiences imaginable and which changed Helen's life forever. Helen feels that it is necessary to include challenging and saddening events because she grasps every opportunity to learn, and even painful memories can be beneficial to learning.

"The Frost King" is one such opportunity. When Helen is twelve, she writes a story and sends it to Mr Anagnos for his birthday. Mr Anagnos is so delighted and impressed by it that he publishes it in The Perkins' Institute report. Before long, it is being compared to "The Frost Fairies" which is a published story by Miss Margaret T. Canby from her book "Birdie and His Friends" and Helen is accused of plagiarism.

Helen vows that she has no recollection of ever having had the story told to her and Mr Anagnos believes Helen at first but when Helen says something about Jack Frost she rouses suspicion and loses the trust of her beloved Mr Anagnos. There is an inquiry and Helen and Miss Sullivan are questioned vigorously. Unfortunately, the controversy remains and Helen is never able to regain Mr Anagnos's trust and she says, "I felt so cold, I imagined I should die before morning." Helen is cleared of any wrongdoing but the loss of her friendship with Mr Anagnos leaves Helen full of regret. 

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